'Pasolini, Master Corsaire' - 2 November 2015
Pier Paolo Pasolini, forty years later. What remains of his views on Italy and the world? Films, books, a passion for football. He was killed on the Ostia coast on 2 November 1975. His corpse continues to haunt those who do not believe the official version of what happened. But how have the places he frequented changed? And how many of his prophecies have come true? Sixty minutes of testimonials: from friends such as Maraini, Davoli, Galeone, Poli, Ferretti, Naldini and Asti, to those who are still discovering the power and originality of his work today. Down to the final mystery, the photos.

Documentary by Emanuela Audisio, with 3D Produzioni
Readings by Fabrizio Gifuni
Music by Remo Anzovino