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YouTube official channel Pasolini, Master Corsair Trailer for the film "We 4"
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Trailer for the film
"Human Capital"
Fabrizio Gifuni and Pietro Citati
talk about Gadda on "Pane quotidiano"
Trailer or the film
"The Legend of Kaspar Hauser"
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Trailer or the film "Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspirancy" Fabrizio Gifuni wins
the 2012 "Gian Maria Volonté Prize"
Clip from "Something Like a Very Long Cadaver"
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Fabrizio Gifuni and Giuseppe
Bertolucci guests at "Che tempo che fa" - February 2012
Teatro Valle Occupato - "Something Like a Very Long Cadaver"
June 2011
Speech at the PD convention
on 16 June 2010
"Compagne and compagni (Comrades)