The Catholic School - 2021

Directed by Stefano Mordini

With: Valeria Golino, Riccardo Scamarcio, Jasmine Trinca, con Benedetta Porcaroli, Giulio Pranno e con Valentina Cervi, Fausto Russo Alesi, Fabrizio Gifuni as Golgota

Screenplay: Massimo Gaudioso, Luca Infascelli, Stefano Mordini
Editing: Massimo Fiocchi, Michelangelo Garrone
Cinematography: Luigi Martinucci
Production: Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia and Picomedia
Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures

In a residential neighborhood of Rome, there is a well-known Catholic school for boys where children from the best bourgeois families are educated. Their parents feel that in this context, their children can grow up protected from the turmoil that society is experiencing and that this rigid education can open the doors to a bright future for them.
But on the night between September 29-30,1975, something shatters and that fortress of unassailable values collapses under the weight of one of the most heinous crimes of the era: the Circeo massacre.
In fact, the perpetrators are former students of that school, which was also attended by Edoardo, who tries to explain what unleashed so much blind violence in minds high on distorted political ideas and an uncontrollable craving for dominance.