Dark Love - 2010

Directed by Antonio Capuano

With: Irene De Angelis, Gabriele Agrio, Luisa Ranieri, Fabrizio Gifuni, Valeria Golino, Corso Salani, Anna Ammirati

Screenplay: Antonio Capuano
Cinematography: Tommaso Borgstrom
Editing: Giogiò Franchini
Scenography: Maica Rotondo
Costumes: Francesca Balzano
Soundtrack: Pasquale Catalano
Distribution: Fandango

At the end of a Sunday of sun, sea, diving and pizza, four adolescent boys assault Irene, also a teenager. One of the boys, sixteen-year-old Ciro, goes to the police the next morning to report himself and the others. They are sentenced to two years in prison. Those two worlds, so opposite and different, will end up with attraction, meeting, merging. Irene and Ciro, at a distance (one in the Nisida prison, and the other in the wonderful house where she lives with her family in one of the beautiful areas of the city), will slowly begin an irresistible rapprochement, almost without realizing it.