Mixed by Erry - 2023

Directed by Sydney Sibilia

With: Fabrizio Gifuni, Luigi D’Oriano, Giuseppe Arena, Emanuele Palumbo, Francesco Di Leva, Cristiana Dell’Anna, Adriano Pantaleo, Chiara Celotto, Greta Esposito

Screenplay: Sydney Sibilia, Armando Festa
Editing: Gianni Vezzosi
Scenography: Tonino Zera
Production: Groenlandia
Distribution: 01 Distribution

A story of passion and dreams that begins in a small town in Naples and grows into an incredible international adventure. In the magical capital of Campania in the ‘80s, where Maradona is a deity, Enrico "Erry" Frattasio transforms the mixtapes he makes for his friends into an empire, thanks to the help of his brothers Peppe and Angelo. A sensational venture that will change their lives, reinvent the concept of piracy in Italy and bring music into everyone's lives.