"Only loving, only knowing matter..." - from Pier Paolo Pasolini reading

with Fabrizio Gifuni

Dialoghi sull'uomo (Dialogues on Man) - 26 May 2018

An evening of readings dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, interpreted through the extraordinary voice of Fabrizio Gifuni, who has studied his work for many years, embroiled in an intimate encounter with the director’s writings. Gifuni’s choice of texts from Pasolini’s prolific output includes extracts from the Lutheran Letters and Scritti Corsari, which outline the great intellectual’s reflections on the “anthropological mutation” and “cultural uniformity” of the Italians, with which he had the courage to break ranks, creating scandal. Alongside Pasolini the intellectual-sociologist, Gifuni presentssome of his most evocative poems that highlight how his life, work and even his death are now fused in a single poetic body where it is impossible to separate one aspect from another. Pasolini was struck by daily reality, it sparked his imagination and creativity into action, the daily life that unfolds in front of our very eyes and which appears on the unforgettable pages he bequeathed us.