Così ridevano - 1998

The Way We Laughed - 1998

Directed by Gianni Amelio

With: Enrico Lo Verso, Francesco Giuffrida, Fabrizio Gifuni

Screenplay: Gianni Amelio
Cinematography: Luca Bigazzi
Editing: Simona Paggi
Scenography: Giancarlo Basili
Costumes: Gianna Gissi
Music: Franco Piersanti

[…] in the finale of The Way We Laughed Giovanni chases the train which Pietro and his companion have boarded to return to the reformatory. (…) As Giovanni swaps his atavistic anguish for the more recent one of his companion – a beautiful and emblematic secondary character, a perfect specimen of the ‘sociological’ intellectual who is morphing, almost without noticing, into a ‘mass’ intellectual – we perceive all of his weakness, his inevitable lateness. […]
Tullio Masoni – Cineforum 378