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Esterno notte

Esterno Notte

Exterior Night - 2022

Directed by Marco Bellocchio

With: Fabrizio Gifuni, Margherita Buy, Toni Servillo, Fausto Russo Alesi, Gabriel Montesi e Daniela Marra.

and Paolo Pierobon, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Aurora Peres, Eva Cela, Luca Lazzareschi, Gloria Carovana, Michele Eburnea, Davide Mancini.

Screenplay: Marco Bellocchio, Stefano Bises, Davide Serino, Ludovica Rampoldi
Fotografia: Francesco Di Giacomo
Editing: Francesca Calvelli
Scenography: ndrea Castorina
Musics: Fabio Massimo Capogrosso
Costume: Daria Calvelli
Makeup artist: Enrico Jacoponi
Hair stylist: Alberta Giuliani
Producted by: The Apartment, Kavac, ARTE France; in collaboration with Rai Fiction
Italian distribution: Lucky Red
International distribution: Fremantle

1978. Italy is torn by civil war. On the one hand are the Red Brigades, the main armed organization of the extreme left, and on the other is the State. Street violence, kidnappings, knee-cappings, gunfights, attacks. For the first time in a Western country, a government supported by the Communist Party (PCI) is about to establish itself in an epochal alliance with the historic conservative bulwark of the nation, the Christian Democracy (DC). Aldo Moro, President of the DC, is the main proponent of this accord, which marks a decisive step toward mutual recognition between the two most important parties in Italy. On the very day of the inauguration of the government that he managed to put together with his political skill - 16 March 1978 - on the way to Parliament, Moro is kidnapped in an ambush that wipes out his entire escort. It is an attack aimed directly at the heart of the state. Moro’s imprisonment will last fifty-five days, punctuated by his letters and the communiqués from the Red Brigades: fifty-five days of hope, fear, negotiations, failures, good intentions and bad actions. Fifty-five days, at the end of which his body is found abandoned in a car in the center of Rome, exactly halfway between the headquarters of the DC and that of the PCI.

Available on RaiPlay

On Netflix since 17 December 2022

"Exterior Night" at New York Film Festival
Lincoln Center – Francesca Beale Theater, 5 October 2022
New York Film Festival 

"Exterior Night" at BFI London Film Festival
BFI Southbank – Sala NFT 3, 9 October 2022
BFI London Film Festival

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