Solo l’amare, solo il conoscere conta


"Only loving, only knowing matter..." - from Pier Paolo Pasolini reading

with Fabrizio Gifuni

Dialoghi sull'uomo (Dialogues on Man) - 26 May 2018

An evening of readings dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, interpreted through the extraordinary voice of Fabrizio Gifuni, who has studied his work for many years, embroiled in an intimate encounter with the director’s writings. Gifuni’s choice of texts from Pasolini’s prolific output includes extracts from the Lutheran Letters and Scritti Corsari, which outline the great intellectual’s reflections on the “anthropological mutation” and “cultural uniformity” of the Italians, with which he had the courage to break ranks, creating scandal. Alongside Pasolini the intellectual-sociologist, Gifuni presentssome of his most evocative poems that highlight how his life, work and even his death are now fused in a single poetic body where it is impossible to separate one aspect from another. Pasolini was struck by daily reality, it sparked his imagination and creativity into action, the daily life that unfolds in front of our very eyes and which appears on the unforgettable pages he bequeathed us.


Il processo di Franz Kafka


"The Trial" by Franz Kafka - 2019 reading

with Fabrizio Gifuni

Rome, Corte di Cassazione – 26 September 2019


Con il vostro irridente silenzio (With your mocking silence)

Con il vostro irridente silenzio

"With your mocking silence. Study from letters written in captivity and from the Testament by Aldo Moro" - 2018-2024

Conception, dramaturgy and performed by Fabrizio Gifuni

A special thanks to Nicola Lagioia and the International Book Fair Turin, Christian Raimo for the collaboration, Francesco Biscione and Miguel Gotor for the historical consultancy.

During his imprisonment, Aldo Moro speaks, remembers, writes, responds, questions, confesses, accuses, and takes his leave. He multiplies words on paper: he writes letters, addressing family members, friends, party colleagues, institutional representatives; he notes down brief testamentary provisions. In addition to that, he composes a long political, historical, personal statement - the so-called ‘memorial’ beginning with the questions posed by his jailers. The letters and the memorial, Moro’s last words, are a set of papers written during the 55 days of his imprisonment: those found - or, rather, those that have come down to us. An unstoppable river of words that people immediately tried to stem, silence, mystify, mock. Moro is not Moro, it was said. The press, almost unanimously, hammered at public opinion by disavowing his words, while Moro shouted his indignation from prison at this additional cruel torture. Forty years later, the fate of these papers has not changed much. Few people have actually read them; many have chosen to forget them. However, the bodies that we are unable to bury with dignity return periodically, to make their voices heard. Today, the letters and the memorial are two ghostly presences; Moro's body is the specter that still occupies the stage of our shadowy history. After working with the public and private writings of Carlo Emilio Gadda and Pier Paolo Pasolini in two poignant and ferocious shows, reconnecting them in a lacerating anti-biography of the nation,Fabrizio Gifuni, through painful and persistent dramaturgy, confronts the most scabrous and unvarnished writing about the history of Italy.

Turin, Inauguration of the 31° International Book Fair - 9 May 2018



Prima che la notte

Prima che la notte

Before Night - 2018

Directed by Daniele Vicari

With: Fabrizio Gifuni, Lorenza Indovina, Dario Aita, Selene Caramazza, Beniamino Marcone, Carlo Calderone, Barbara Giordano, David Coco, Gaetano Aronica

Screenplay: Claudio Fava, Miki Gambino and Monica Zappelli
Cinematography: Gherardo Gossi
Musics: Theo Teardo
Costumes: Roberta e Francesca Vecchi
IIF Production

  • Student Jury Prize 2018, Toulouse Italian Film Festival – 2018
  • Nastro d’Argento della legalità for the film and the interpretation - 2018
  • Premio del pubblico all’Ischia Film Festival – 2018



Lei mi parla ancora (She Still Talks to Me)"


She Still Talks to Me - 2021

Directed by Pupi Avati

With: Renato Pozzetto, Stefania Sandrelli, Isabella Ragonese, Fabrizio Gifuni, Lino Musella, Chiara Caselli, Alessandro Haber, Serena Grandi, Gioele Dix, Nicola Nocella, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Matteo Carlomagno, Veronica Visentin

Screenplay: Pupi Avati, Tommaso Avati, Romano Reggiani, from the novel by Giuseppe Sgarbi

Cinematography: Cesare Bastelli
Editing: Ivan Zuccon
Production: Bartlebyfilm, Vision Distribution, with the support of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission
Distribution: Vision Distribution (Italia)


The fatality of the Rhyme


"The Fatality of the Rhyme. Homage to Giorgio Caproni"- 2018/2024 reading

Conception, dramaturgy and performed by Fabrizio Gifuni

Milan, 1st performance at Teatro Franco Parenti - 10 June 2018

Sassuolo, Crogiolo Marazzi- 15 December 2018

Turin, Teatro Astra – 12 October 2019

Rome, Teatro Vascello – 17 February 2020

Pordenone, Teatro Verdi – 12 May 2022

Varese, Giardini Estensi – 20 June 2022

Riccione,  Sala Teatro del Palazzo del Turismo – 28 January 2024

Sorrento, Teatro Tasso –  22 February 2024

For years, Fabrizio Gifuni has taken us on a surprising journey into the multifaceted body of the Italian language.

The 'always open workshops' on Gadda and Pasolini, "the flesh that is verb" in the disruptive language of Testori. Without ever forgetting Dante.

The gentle, profound musicality of Giorgio Caproni could not be missing from this powerful score. An incursion into the astute forest of his thoughts, into the secret galleries of the soul of one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century.